Library Regulations

There are set of rules of which every library user should abide to them. This is to make sure the library is used properly and becomes sustainable.

  1. You must carry valid CARUMCO students identity card when interring in the library and produce your ID when demanded by the library staff
  2. All bags caps, coats, jackets and packages must be left at the entrance before entering in the library
  3. Noise is not permitted in the library/ silence must be observed. a break of these rules will lead to a sever punishment of Tsh 5000/=
  4. Use of mobile phones and music set are not allowed in the library. Fine of Tsh. 20,000/= will be charged.
  5. Discussions are not allowed in the library, fine of Tsh 5000/= will be charged.
  6. Books marked for reserve and reference should not be taken outside the library under any circumstances.
  7. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library.
  8. After using a book, please leave it on the table.
  9. You must show all materials to a Librarian before leaving the library.
  10. Readers must behave in a manner that will cause neither disturbance, offence to other neither readers nor damage to library materials.
  11. You are not allowed to receive or give anything through windows.
  12. Library user is not permitted to switch on/ off any computer lab.
  13. Don’t displace books from one place to another.
  14. Students are not allowed to enter in the library with personal books
  15. Placing feet on chairs, noisy shoes and unnecessary movement are forbidden.
  16. For those who enter in the library with no their identity card, fine 5,000/= will be charged.