Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial College was established in 2019, in line with the mission and vision of The St. Augustine University of Tanzania which envisions a holistic development of a person and the nation at large.

With the foregoing reasons in mind, CARUMCO main campus decided to bring higher education services to Bukoba in order to help, through training and research, alleviate educational and professional problems in Kagera Region.

One of the justifications for having this University College in Bukoba is the high demand for higher education in Tanzania today. Secondly, despite the high demand for higher education, most institutions for higher education are located in cities and municipalities which leaves most rural areas and small towns like Bukoba not catered for in terms of the direct and indirect benefits of hosting a higher education institution in the locality.

about-usAdditionally, this is in line with the national development vision 2025 which mainly focuses on high quality life, peace, stability and unity, good governance, a well-educated society and a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits. All these cannot be achieved without the expansion and the provision of high quality higher education.