Department of Law

The Department of law at Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial College (CARUMCO), is one among of the first and oldest departments to be established in the history of Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial College (CARUMCO). Department is made-up with skilled and experienced academic staffs couched to provide effective legal knowledge to the students. Since its establishment, the department mission has been to create graduates who portray outstanding legal education and equip them with requisite research knowledge and skills.   Department offers a number of programmes to include:

  1. Certificate in Law(CL)

The duration of this course is one year conducted on both full time and evening basis.

  • Diploma in Law(DL)

The duration of this course is two years conducted on both full time and evening basis.

All programmes provided above are assessed through continuous assessments which include variety of activities such as written assignments, classroom assignments, seminar presentations, quizzes, moot courts, project works and portfolio assessments and Final examinations to improve their legal knowledge and experience. 

NB: Our programmes are conducted on both full time and evening basis. Full time basis is beneficial for fresh students and workers/employees/employers with enough learning time from morning to evening while evening sessions regards those who are available for studies in the evening.

You are warmly welcome.