Department of Business Administration

About the Department

The Department of Business Administration is among the first four academic departments launched at Cardinal Rugambwa Memorial College. It offers Diploma of business administration and certificate of business administration.

The program aims at preparing business managers and trade officers responsible for overseeing and supervising government owned enterprises and various trade/business undertakings in the country. The Department seeks to equip students with the necessary technical skills and values for the business world. Coursesoffered by the department provide conceptual, technical, interpersonal and communication skills that are required in the business environment. 

With this purpose in mind, the courses provided by the department are designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To produce competent business graduates imbued with Business values for public, private and not-for-profit organizations.   
  • To provide graduates with strong conceptual, technical, analytical, interpersonal and communication skills that are required in the business environment.  
  • To produce graduates with a broad education in business within the areas of management, finance, marketing, information technology and international business.

Teaching Methods

There are various methods in teaching and learning, however at CARUMCO the main emphasis is the use of Competence Based Education and Training approach though lecturing can’t be completely avoided. Among the CBET methods approaches used are as follows:Group discussion, Role playing, Case studying, Presentations, Industry visits, Assignments, Fieldwork practice